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CAKEIFY in the Media



  • "Gives you a cake and frosting premixed that is super easy to bake!"-mumbaismom.bai

  • "Apart from the fresh ingredients, it has everything you need! Such a great thing to do with your kids"-Karishma Sakhrani

  • "Cakeify you were a life easy and non messy"-organisewithease

  • "Cakeify is started by two 15 year olds! How cool is that. He is obsessed!!! And so am I!!! Delicious Double layer moist old school chocolate Cake"-Simone Khambatta

  • "Bake a cake for any occasion via these amazing pre-mixes!! A brand started by two teenagers!! Entrepreneurship millennials are super suave"-mindherbiz_global

  • "Honest Review- I have tried a lot of cake premixes in the Padt but undoubtedly cakiefymixes tops the list for sure. Everything from the packaging to the instructions to the preparation is so much simplified. The end result is also so satisfying"-twinsandmommytales

  • "I always liked the idea of baking cakes/brownies but whenever I tried, I wasn't satisfied with the outcome but with this brownie mix, we got gooey brownies in less than 45 minutes, without much effort. All we did was to add butter and milk and bake it. Giving it 5 Stars"-the_lawyer_mom

  • "The cake was delicious and amazing. It was very easy to bake and everyone loved it. Thank you so much"-Vritti

  • "The premix was simply amazing. I have never baked a cake and always wanted to. It was so tasty and so yummy"-Ria Bajaj

  • "The Vanilla Cake is unreal. Reminds me of the old school bakeries in New York. The vanilla frosting is bang on. Great Job"

  • "Cakeify is the best thing that happened to us. My kids and I have always tried various recipes for home baked cakes but something or the other doesn't turn out right. The ingredients and method is so fool proof especially since they provide the mould and measuring cup. It is so easy for my 10 year old to follow! The cakes turned our soft and delicious! Always my GO TO for our last minute dessert cravings"

  • "Sharing a picture of the vanilla mango cake I made for my family with your kit. They absolutely loved it and it was sooo easy to follow your instructions"

  • "Thanks for the timely delivery. The cake was super delicious. It was a wonderful experience of baking chocolate cake with all the ingredients/materials in the fabulous kit"

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