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​How Do I Place An Order?

You can place an order via the website, DM us on Instagram (@cakeifymixes) or Call/Whatsapp us on + 91 86577 69535.

Payment and Shipping

Orders need to be paid for in advance. Shipping is chargeable depending on your location. Please contact us to make the payments on +91 86577 69535

Where do you deliver?

At the moment we deliver Pan India.

​Do I need to be an experienced baker to use Cakeify?

Not at all! Cakeify implies baking for everyone. It is meant to be a fun and enjoyable activity. Our instructions are easy to follow and self explanatory.

Is Cakeify eggless?

Cakeify Mixes are completely eggless and you don't need add egg to the mix to bake the cake. 

What do I need to bake a cake with Cakeify?

The kit includes a cake premix, a frosting mix, sprinkles, paper baking moulds and a measuring cup. All you need is simple kitchen ingredients like Oil, Milk & Butter to bake your delicious cake.

Which Oil should we use for Cakeify?

Please use a neutral oil such as sunflower or canola oil for Cakeify.

​Can we place an order for a ready cake?

Cakeify kits are DIY premixes that allow you to bake the perfect dessert with minimal kitchen ingredients. Cakeify does not supply ready cakes.

Can we only bake Cakeify in an oven?

Our kits have been formulated to be baked in a convection oven for best results. However you could use a microwave at 900W for 3-4 minutes. Some of our clients have also use a steamer to bake the cakes and it has yielded good results!

What can I add as a topping incase I don't want sprinkles?

While we provide sprinkles, you are welcome to add chopped nuts, Seasonal fruit, and candies of choice. Please refer to our Instagram page for more inspiration.

Do you ship bulk orders for return gifts/party favours?

Yes we do! We would be happy to speak to you, should you wish to place an order in bulk.


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