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A startup founded and run by teen entrepreneurs!


We are Elisha and Veer, two 17 year old entrepreneurs from Mumbai!

While we have been friends for years, we were driven by our passion for food, baking and entrepreneurship and thus founded "CAKEIFY" in January 2020.

We were extremely curious about why people shied away from baking, especially when it can be a great stress buster and a perfect bonding exercise between a parent and child, two siblings and between friends.


"CAKEIFY" was founded to help change the way people bake by making the exercise fun enjoyable and most of all easy!

Our mission "SIMPLE, DELICIOUS, QUICK" is exemplified by our baking kits, which include a cake premix, a frosting premix, sprinkles, a measuring cup and baking moulds. All one needs is simple kitchen ingredients such as Milk, Oil and Butter to make an extremely delicious cake or brownies.

Our products are completely free of additives, preservatives and are eggless.


  • Delivered to your doorstep 

  • Easy baking for all ages

  • The perfect gift for a loved ones.


Order your set today and enjoy baking once again!

Look out for our new upcoming flavours! We can't wait to make more options available for you!

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